37 Best Hair Pins Ideas in Fashion

Since last year, the wind of pinning hairpins to the head in the fashion circle has never stopped. A small accessory can easily light up the whole outfit. Beauty is a woman’s natural instinct. Buying a beautiful hairpin can not only stuck the broken hair in the wrong eyes, but also have the function of decoration and beautification. So what should we pay attention to when choosing the card? Choose the color according to age and skin color. If you are a young girl, you can buy a bright hairpin if you want to be more lively and witty in summer. Young women also have to choose according to their skin color and hair color. Girls with whiter or darker skin have no restrictions on the color of hairpins. Girls with yellower skin should not choose hairpins with too bright color.

The first popular hairpin is the gorgeous Pearl hairpin. This kind of hairpin is very versatile, wearing ladies or retro skirts, can be perfectly matched. But when using pearl hairpins, be careful not to have too many one-off clips. Gucci must have been the leader of the diamond alphabet hairpin trend, which could be seen everywhere in the streets at that time. Later, other brands followed up, and words on the drill gradually increased. With this kind of hairpin, you can express your mood and attitude through the letters above, so the styles you often use are cool and handsome. Of course, this kind of water drill hairpin meets short curly hair, and has another retro style, like last century Hollywood girls. Girls who feel that Pearl hairpins are too gentle can express their personality with water drill hairpins.

37 Best  Hair Pins Ideas in Fashion hair pins, hair accessories

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