Who said that the color of a woman’s nail must be pink? In fact, the blue manicure is more elegant and temperament. Whether it is a quiet and soft sky blue or a deep romantic sea blue, it can add a little elegance to your style. If you want to improve your temperament, don’t rush to try the pink of the bad street, start with the low-key elegant blue nail art.

The blue nail art is divided into a saturated high bright blue color and a low saturation light blue color. According to your different dressing styles, you can choose a suitable saturation nail art to show different temperament. For blue manicures, you can mix and match other colors to form a colorful nail art pattern. The blue color is more versatile, and it can be perfectly combined with gray, purple and green. For a woman with a bold style, it can also be contrasted with bright colors such as orange. Using blue as the theme color, and then adding some cute and cute patterns, you can also make the original monotonous manicure full of personality and playfulness, you can use your creativity to make your blue nail art more meaningful.

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