Natural Scent Make Your Home Smell Like Summer

Aromatherapy candles can not only add fragrance to the room, but also create a romantic atmosphere. There are candles in advertisements, meals, baths, etc. How to give him or her a special gift on a special day? Homemade aromatherapy candles are one of your best choices: to prepare materials, you need a wax melting pot, a glass cup, a glass stirring rod, a small electromagnetic oven. So if you are interested, pleased read on.

And you can follow the next steps: 1. Melting wax will prepare soybean wax (or beeswax, paraffin wax are all available) into the melting pot, melting outside the melting pot need to add a larger pot filled with water, water insulation, in order to avoid excessive temperature to make wax paste. 2. Fill the glass and pour the melted wax into the glass. When waxing, pay attention to control the temperature not too high. 3. Drop in essential oil and put your favorite essential oil into wax. Stir it evenly with glass rod. 4. Insert the candle wick when the wax liquid is almost cooled. If the wax surface is uneven after inserting the candle wick, melt some more wax liquid to cover it. 5. Decorative ornaments can be decorated with dried flowers. Of course, ornaments can be decorated with personal preferences, such as peel, branches, etc.

Natural Scent Make Your Home Smell Like Summer candle, fruit, natural, DIY natural scent

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