35 Dreamlike Unicorn Nail Designs You will Like

Unicorn is a precious animal in mythology. And it symbolizes nobility, pride and purity. They are pure and beautiful creatures bred by the billows of the sea. In many Western oil paintings, unicorns and girls are often seen. Price, an ancient Roman naturalist, said, “Unicorns are extremely ferocious monsters. It is impossible to capture them alive, and they are very sensitive. When they find something strange, they immediately flee. However, unicorns like purity and naivety, and are easily seduced by beautiful girls, so only pure girls can catch it. In my opinion, unicorn is a symbol of fantasy and beauty, a representative of sweet dreams, and a representative of girls ‘innocence. Today I’m going to share some Unicorn nails!

Dream sweet pink purple nails; fully meet the girl’s Unicorn fantasy. Apart from pink and purple, of course, hand-painted unicorns are indispensable. In recent years, unicorns, as a hot popular element, have been played by various fashion figures. From hair to make-up, you can do everything you want. Unicorns are quite unique in color and very simple in practice. Even the first nail polish artist can finish the “unicorn” manicure easily. So if you are interested, pleased read on.

35 Dreamlike Unicorn Nail Designs You will Like nails, nail design, unicorn nails, pink nails

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