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Blankets and mats to illuminate your home

Sometimes, we often miss and ignore small details. However, it is these minor improvements that completely change the look of your home and give it a more impressive, curated appeal. Carpets and mats definitely belong to this ‘often overlooked’ category. It’s easy to ignore them because your focus is on your line of sight, which means that walls, decorations and lighting often take up most of your time, if not all. But the carpet and mats have changed the overall atmosphere of the room. Even in a special room like an oval office, it is a carpet of presidential seals, often the most watched seal!

There are many different directions for the living room carpet to choose from. We recommend the best direction to blend the new home-made rug with the existing style and appeal of space. Since white is the preferred color for most living room backgrounds, the lively carpet of patterns and colors looks great. You still want it to have most of the straight lines and simple points. Carpets woven in DIY static lines are perfect in this regard. It is not difficult to make and work in most living spaces.

Blankets and mats to illuminate your home carpet diy

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