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Pink Living Room Design

Pink living room, the most open space in the room and the “powder”, what kind of collision? , high-profile Barbie powder, Barbie powder girls must be no stranger, in the lipstick number, the most desperate color, of course, in the most open living room indoors, pink is warm, for the interviewer, play a certain soothing and cordial The role of Barbie powder itself is a little fluorescent, so it needs to be used in a small amount. In pure white space, it can especially light up and jump out.

With the explosion of the Morandi color, the pink color also tends to high purity and low purity, which evolves into a high-grade elegant pink color. This powder can be used with confidence. A large area of the powder wall is used, or the same color furniture is used to make the living room All pink and tender,

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